Winter Song

It’s January

And the winter wind does blow.

But there is nothing

Threatening in it.



The little bird

With brassy breast

And smart, sharp beak,

Sits up on the fence.



When other years

He would be hiding

Deep in his shelter,

When other January’s

There would be silence on the air…



This little bird

Dances on the point

At the top of the highest post.

He thrusts out his chest

And sings his glorious song.

It’s not spring yet,

But he is practicing.



The four hawks

High up in the clouds

Circle around and answer




What wisdom

Do they have?

Or are they boasting

Of their good hunting

In this most mild

Of January weather?






Missing Ingredient


Everything came together

So smoothly.

Morning wake up,

Getting Luke out the door

For his bus,

Which means bath, dressing, brushing teeth, breakfast, belts, helmet, braces…

Everyone else waltzed around me, no tripping or bumping into one another.

The lights on the tree were warm.

The music playing vintage carols on my iPad was just right.

I found peace in my morning Advent.

And at bedtime too, I felt my Savior with me.


So how can today be

just a little out of sync from yesterday?

What is the missing ingredient?

Is it that my iPad didn’t connect to the internet?

Silenced my morning Advent,

And Cheerful  season songs.

Could it be the electronic panel going haywire on my washing machine?

My plans for laundry halted…

Could it be the push/pull to do my mundane chores or decorate with more reminders of






I think

That one day

to the next

is not where I should put my Faith.

The recipe might change again tomorrow.

Calm might be elusive.

But, find PEACE in the word

Brought by that long ago

Host of Angels!


” Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you;  he is Christ the Lord.  This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

“Glory to God in the highest,

and on earth, peace to men on

whom His favor rests.”  Luke 2:10-14





Time & Eternity

Luke’s shoe came untied,

And so I sat on the floor

And held his foot in my lap,

And retied it.



It was not much of a thing,

But it was something that I

Realized made me happy.




I was thankful

For this small, seemingly

Unimportant little moment

That wasn’t a chore

At all.



How many times

Had I tied his shoes…

Because he can’t.

And how many times

Will I still have the

Privilege to do this

For him?



In the small hours

Of the night

I woke up

With this thought

Heavy on my heart…

“How many more times?”



So I made myself a cup of peppermint tea.



This time, in the deepest part of night,

Is sometimes the best time to be

With the Holy Spirit who rests

In my innermost part.



I don’t know the answer to this question

That disturbed my sleep.

But at the very beginning

Of time

You were there.

And when my heart is


Or joyful,

You are there.

And when the time comes

That I can only imagine,

You are there.

And you will be here with me.



That is what I’m



Now & Always.

Dear Old Friend

Did my heart rejoice when I heard of your passing?

Yes… and at the same time I felt the pain of being without you.

You were a gift to so many…

I knew this, but I let our friendship be special, and singular.

You took me in under your wing.

At first I tried to remember that you already had a full life without me.

But in the few short years of our friendship we connected…

As mothers, as daughters, as sisters in faith.

Our friendship was lasting,

Lighter than gold.

Your gift to me will live in my heart.

Dear friend, dear teacher, Dear sister.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” Luke 12: 34

A Play


MY HEART………….. me

NEARER TO MY HEART….. my child

SETTING:  Every Day


MY HEART: What A Day!

There was no rest for my weary soul.

Just no stopping!

Up at sunrise, dressing you, and feeding you

And sending you out the door.



Did you see the sunrise?

Did you hear the music?


MY HEART: I know it was all there,

But in the rush…..

I guess I missed it.

We almost missed the bus….!

Then, I knew I would not stop….

So I had a Grande DARK ROAST.

I went out with my list.


NEARER TO MY HEART: I knew you were there all the time.

And when I came home, there you were…


MY HEART:  Yes, and did you see the groceries on the kitchen floor?

Did you know that tonight was your prom?

Did you know I would be there too, watching you from

Across the room, with a date of my own?


NEARER TO MY HEART:  Aren’t you always there?


MY HEART:  I wish I could be….

But there are dishes to wash, and laundry….

But You… did you have fun at your prom?

I saw you on the dance floor…

Laying all stretched out.

Were you as tired as I was by that time of day?


NEARER TO MY HEART:  I found that by laying down and stretching out,

I could hear AND feel the music so well!

Right to my heart.


MY HEART:  Home at last…

Look at us,

We’re trippity tripping down the hall to our beds.


NEARER TO MY HEART:  Wasn’t it the loveliest day?

Don’t you just wish every day was like this?


(you, so near to my heart, should always have the last word.)



Falling far from out of the gray skies

To the waiting earth

Ready to catch the drops

Of water.

Hoping for transparent nutrients

to reach deep

Down to the very roots



Painting each stem and blade

With brilliant greens

More greens than my own mind

Imagined to exist.



She apologized when

She came late.



I had been waiting

For only a few minutes

It seemed to me.



She noticed the book

In my lap.



I think she liked me

Right away,

We made easy conversation.



She was my superior

Some might say.



I was the patient

Letting her look

Deep into my eyes.



She wore the

White coat.


I sat still

And waited for

Her to tell me what next.



She looked

Into my eyes.



I felt that

She did that

But she also saw me.



She had the privilege

Of being my Dr.




Had the gift of

Being her patient.

“Be Still My Heart”

My heart is like the tide.

Ebb and flow

With the cycles of the moon.

High tide,

The moon shimmers off the waves of the current.

Low tide,

I am scraping the bottom.

Nothing flows easily

At low tide,

But there,

In plain view,

Is abundant life.

When the tide is high,

Vessels may travel

Without worry.

But the life that keeps

The water from being stagnant,

Is not visible to the eye.

My heart likewise…

Can lay bare and look empty,

But it is then that one can see it

Teaming with presence.


Overflowing with blessing,

Radiant, laughing

Forgetting the natural rhythm

Of who we are.

Blue Jays

Five cranky Blue Jays

Are having a meeting

Right outside the

Fairy Door

At the foot of the

Last standing,

Centuries old Maple Tree

In our back yard.


Of course,

They don’t all fit

in the tidy kept


They’ve knocked over the

Teeny Tiny Chicken coop,

That is empty no doubt.


And they’ve stepped all over the

Twig Fences

That mark

The sweet little yard

Of the Fairies…

Who are hiding

In fear for their lives,

I’m sure,

Just behind the

Brightly lit window

Of the wood carved door.


Not just five minutes earlier

Up in the canopy

Of this same tree,



Maybe more,

Were holding their own

Raucous gathering.



I looked

To see what all the noise was about.

The tree was swaying back and forth,

Under the weight of  all these black birds?

More likely it was the wind blowing in the leaves.

It sounded like a cheering crowd,

Not the beautiful notes of the

Hallelujah Chorus…

Then they were gone

In a black cloud.

Everything was quiet,

Until the disagreeable

crew showed up.


Maybe they are cross

That they weren’t allowed to the

Big Rally

Where the whole host

was speaking as one.


But these Blue crested


Even now, can’t agree on what to do about it all.









Table Talk & Dreams

So this is how it goes…

Last night,

I had a baby…

At home…

And I think I was alone,

Except you and I were arguing about who

would have the phone first.

We wanted to make calls…

Not to share our joy

With our loved ones…


We needed to know

Where we would be

For Easter Dinner…



We sit around our Table

After dinner.

It’s a rare occaision

When we are ALL together


A Mother cherishes

These little, enormous moments.

Our talk

is about…

It’s STILL about

“Who’s job is it to take the trash out?”

And, “Who takes the laundry basket to the cellar?”

And, “How will you all get along when I move out?”



What saves us all

From these crazy,


“Tangled in knot moments”




A word

The Word…

Because, when we all sit down together,

we stop all the silliness for a moment

To open Your Word

and listen to the only One

Who can Sleep in the storm,

And calm it with a single command.


He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!”  Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.  Mark 4:39